5 Best Adventure Activities in the U.S.A

shutterstock_69847318.downloadThe U.S.A is a vast country that covers a land area similar to some of the world's continents. It has a variety of outdoor activities that provide entertainment for people from all walks of life. The endless physical features the country has played host to thrilling adventure activities that tourists and locals can safely enjoy. The first and most popular is surfing. Although it is not a sport, surfing is one of America's favourite pastime adventure activities. It is mostly a coastal activity Read more [...]

Highly Rated Science-Fiction Films of All-Time

movies 2The term sci-fi, short for science fiction, is one of the most multifarious genres in film. Over the years, it has gathered fans from people of all age groups. Having said that, it can also be said to have the dubious honour of having more titles than any other that can be considered 'so bad they're good'. Low production values, for many sci-fi fans, are often forgiven and in some cases encouraged.   Metropolis: Perhaps the earliest successful attempt at sci-fi was Fritz Lang's Read more [...]

The Top 5 Comedy Films

shutterstock_126033098.downloadThe movie industry is very consistent in making comedy movies because of their wide acceptance by audience. A majority of these movies are romantic comedies that follow a single pattern that is so predictable to the viewers. But, lately, there had been a complete transformation in the making of comedy movies and now they are more original with more creative ideas being displayed to make them even more hilarious. Comedy movies are so important in our daily lives since they make us happy and uplift Read more [...]